First Steps
Introduction to Alpha

Welcome to Alpha! We’ll start with an overview of some of the features of Alpha so that you can find what you need, when you need it.

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Smart Investing 101
The Current Investing Environment

When most people think of a stock market investor, the first image that comes to mind is of a man in a suit staring at graphs and stock symbols… but the reality is that the world of finance is much more broad and sophisticated today. And today, anyone with an internet connection can participate.

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Time Value of Money
Interest: The Price of Money

One of the most fundamental concepts in personal finance is that money has time value. But what does that actually mean in the context of the real world?

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The Basics

Modern Portfolio Theory, this is essentially the keystone of smart investing and it’s the methodology used by most institutional investors today.

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How To Optimize Your Portfolio

Alright, so you understand the basic concepts of MPT and why it’s important that your portfolio is at the edge of the mean variance diagram. So, how do you actually build a portfolio that’s on the efficient frontier?

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The Stock Market
The Efficient Market Hypothesis

The EMH is a nobel prize winning financial theory that tries to explain why making returns in the markets is, or isn’t possible.

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Smart Investing 101 Part 2
How The Stock Market Works

People often talk about trading “stocks” or “shares” of companies but what does that actually mean? A stock is not a physical thing, so what is it that people are buying and selling?

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Smart Investing 101 Part 3
How to Invest In The Stock Market

Now that you understand what shares are and why they exist, we can move on to some of the more interesting elements of the stock market.

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